Structured Settlement Directory is a Fraud

Colfax, California
Not resolved
Value for money

Website at claims to be a structured settlement directory. However it is anything but a structured settlement directory.

As best I can tell, aLl the website does is duplicate the same uninformed article over and over AND over again in other cities and towns across different states, seeking to generate traffic for people who rip people out of their settlement with "broker fees of 10-50% of the money advanced". The website pushes people surfing the net to tap to call 844-466-8135, which appears to not work.

Parasites like this are like mosquitoes at a barbecue. You've got to keep slapping off your body, or in this case your structured settlement annuity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Structured Settlement Directory Website.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Find a more honest way to attract consumers. This is too deceptful.

I didn't like: Not a directory as advertised, Phone number not operational, Privacy policy does not lead to real co.


Ruddington, England, United Kingdom #1321770

Less than a year later and is defunct. So it was just a pop up

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #1186368

Who would leave such an idiotic review like this when you are not even a client of this company?

to Anonymous West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #1186888

Pay no attention to the Gaithersburg brethren. Call Michael Davis, Now there's a guy with true vision. Thank you to the author of the complaint, it was helpful.

to Augustus *** El Paso, Texas, United States #1213409

I agree with you Gus but Michael Davis nah, gopher Ismaily Fahrt

Capital, or Mutton Pok. The deal will be more fragrant for sure.

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